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It's time to switch on your MATHS brain!


Are you ready to enter MATHS mode Robins? Great!


Today we are going to continue looking at subtraction using number lines! You are doing a SUPER job with subtraction and should be so so proud of yourselves!


The task for you today becomes more tricky, your questions are in the form of word problems Robins! Read them with your adult and have a go at working them out!


Below you will find a video input of how we can decode word problems to help us work out the answer!



TOP TIPS for using a number line with word problems:

enlightenedAlways circle the numbers in the problem.

enlightenedAlways start with the biggest number.

enlightenedJump one number at a time.



Fancy a little bit more of a challenge? Why not try to write the number sentence for each of your questions?