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Here are today’s Maths activities.

In Reception, we try to keep activities as practical as possible so that it resembles play, as children learn best this way.


Watch the video below and then work through today's Math's tasks.

Warm up activity

Can you remember your number doubles? Watch the video below to help you remember.


If you prefer, you could try the doubling worksheets below.


Double Number Zoo - Teach Addition of Double Numbers

This video shows the Double Number Zoo. You can see the number doubles as addition number sentences. So double 1 is 1 + 1, double 2 is 2 + 2 and double 3 is 3 + 3, etc.

Main Activity

Watch the shape video below to remember the names of 2D shapes.

Shapes Songs for Children | Shape Song | Shapes Songs for Kindergarten | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! Shapes songs for children!★Get this song on iTunes: Song Lyric...

As we have been learning about Chinese New Year this week and 2D shapes, have a go at creating your own Chinese Dragon out of shapes. You can use the template below to create your shape picture or you could create your own shape picture of a dragon. Have fun!


Challenge- Can you describe your shape picture to a grownup using Maths vocabulary such as corners, sides, flat, 2D, curved, straight?

Super Challenge- Try this activity if you would like to challenge yourself further!