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It's time to switch on your MATHS brain!


Well ROCKING Robins! You have been SUPER this week so far! 


You did so well with subtraction yesterday and today we are going to carry on with it. Today we are going to start looking at strategies we can use to help us with subtraction problems. 


Below you will find a video of me explaining how we can use a number line to help us with subtraction. The context of using a number line is similar to us using it for addition, we are just changing the concept. Addition to subtraction.


TOP TIPS for using a number line for subtraction:

enlightenedWe always start on the biggest number.

enlightenedWe jump one number at a time.

enlightenedWe have to show our jumps.

enlightenedWe have to jump backwards!


For your task Robins, I have provided some empty number lines to help you work out the answers to your questions.


There are two different tasks for you today. You do not have to do both but can choose one! The challenge task involves using bigger numbers for those who are confident in using number lines for subtraction. The first task is perfect for those children who need a little bit more practise to become secure in the method!