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It's time to engage your MATHS brain!


Happy Monday Robins! Welcome to this weeks Maths learning journey!


This week we are moving on from addition and beginning to look at SUBTRACTION! We have not yet looked at subtraction this year and so we will begin from the basics today and build upon what we learn as we move through the days and weeks.


Today works as an introduction into the concept of subtraction and trying to help the children understand what it means and the process behind it.


Below you will find a video input of me, introducing the concept to the children and showing how we can use our resources to represent the process of subtraction.



Some top tips to remember when working through the questions!


enlightenedWe always start with the biggest number.

enlightenedWe have to touch the resources we are moving.

enlightenedWe always move the resources we are taking away.

enlightenedThe answer will always be smaller.