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It's time to switch on your MATHS brain!


Good morning Robins! Welcome to the beginning of your fourth week of home learning Maths sessions! I know it is all a little bit different to normal but believe me when I say, you are doing such an amazing job and should be so very proud of yourselves!


Today we will be carrying on with looking at addition! However, today we are going to begin looking at addition at a deeper level. We will be investigating how the addition of two numbers can be done in any order and will still equal the same amount!


Below you will find a video input to help explain this concept to the children. For this lesson it would be really beneficial for the children to have a selection of two different types of resources. These two different resources need to be very different in appearance e.g. two different coloured Lego would be perfect, perhaps some carrots and apples? It is so that the children can see the concept in a visual way.



Good luck Robins! smiley