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Watch the video below and then try our Maths activities today.

In Reception, we try to keep activities as practical as possible so that it resembles play, as children learn best this way.

Warm up activity:

  • Use a dice (or use the template below) roll it and count that many objects (lego, pasta shapes, cars, teddies).
  • Roll the dice again and count that many objects out.
  • How many objects do you have all together? Remember to count carefully. You may need to count twice to check you have counted accurately.

Challenge- Can you write the number sentence you have created using + and = ?

Main Activity


This is a Part Whole Model. It is a useful tool to understand number.



Print out or draw your own Part whole model and gather some small objects to use as counting tools e.g. pasta shapes, coins, counters, lego bricks. 

Let's start with number 5. Place that card in the top circle, the ‘whole’.

Count out that many objects.

Place some of the objects in the bottom left circle and place the rest in the bottom right circle, the parts.

By doing this we can partition the number 5.

Here is an example using the number 5

There are other ways we can partition the number 5. See below.

Choose 1 more number from 0-10. Try counting out that many objects and then partitioning them. Can you record your part whole models? You could draw them with spots. (You will need these for tomorrow’s Maths lesson).


Challenge- How many different ways can you partition the number?