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Take a look at today's Maths activities.


Warm up activity:

  • Choose a number card.
  • Count out that many objects/toys
  • Make sure you count the objects/toys carefully, it may help to move the objects/toys as you count them.
  • Check your counting by counting the items twice.
  • You can use number cards 0-10 or number 0-20


Main activity:

We have been looking at symmetry.


Remember something is symmetrical if it is the same on each side.


See if you can make your own symmetrical crown for a Royal wedding.

You can make your crown out of paper, colouring pencils or you can use the template below.


Be as creative as you can, but make sure your crown is the same on both sides like the crown below.


Have fun!!


Here is another game all about Symmetry.