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Watch the video below and then try our Maths activities today.

Warm up Activity

  • Choose a number card and represent that number using a tens frame and counters. You can use small items such as lego pieces, pieces of paper, coins, as counters.
  • You can use numbers 0-10 on 1 tens frame or 0-20 using 2 tens frames.

Challenge- Can you find 1 more and 1 less?


There are some examples of this below.

You can use the tens frames below or you can draw your own tens frame.

Main Activity-Today we are going to be thinking about symmetry.


Take a look at this beautiful butterfly. What do you notice about its wings?


Both sides look the same, they are symmetrical.


Here are some other symmetrical butterflies.

We have been looking at the celebration of weddings. Another wedding we could have is a Royal wedding. Have a look at the crown template below.


Can you colour the crown so that it is the same on both sides? Make it symmetrical.


Challenge-Look at the second crown template. Can you finish the crown and colour it so it is symmetrical

Here is a game about Symmetry you could try.