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Here is a warm up activity for you to try

  • Lie your number cards down on the floor in any order so you cannot see the numbers. Choose 1 number, turn it over and say the number.
  • Challenge- say what 1 more and 1 less than the number is.
  • You could use number cards 0-10 or 0-20.
                                We are thinking about patterns this week.

We have looked at repeated patterns before in class, can you remember what a repeated pattern is?

Here is an example of some repeated pattern.

They repeat by colour and shape.

You can make a repeated pattern out of any items. In class we made them out of autumn objects, such as leaves, conkers and sticks, do you remember? Here are some examples:

Can you make your own repeated patterns at home? You could use colours, shapes, natural materials such as leaves, sticks and stones, you could use different pasta shapes or you could use your toys. Be as creative as you like!

Challenge- can you use 3 or 4 items to make a repeated pattern?