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It's time to switch on your MATHS brain!


Good morning Robins! Welcome to the beginning of your third week of home learning Maths sessions! I know it is all a little bit different to normal but believe me when I say, you are doing such an amazing job and should be so very proud of yourselves! smiley


Today we will be carrying on with looking at addition! However, today we are going to be looking at using a number line to do this! We have not looked at number lines in our journey yet and so it may be a relatively new concept to the children.

Below you will find the video to introduce adding on a number line to the children.


There is a choice of two tasks that the children can choose from based on their confidence! They can either use a number line for addition to 10 or addition to 20! 😊


If you don’t have access to the video, here are some top tips to remember when using a number line!

 enlightenedWe always start by circling what number we are counting on from e.g. 3+5 we would circle three and count on 5.

 enlightenedWe always count on one at a time (so that we don’t get confused!)

 enlightenedWe draw our jumps so we can see how many we have jumped.

 enlightenedWe circle the number we land on.


Good luck Robins! heart

Please find your task below!

Fancy a challenge? Why not have a go at using some bigger numbers!