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London's Burning!

What are we learning about?

In this topic the children will learn about the Great Fire of London. They will find out about the key events of the fire and the significance of Samuel Pepys and his diary.  Also, they will look at London today and compare with how it use to be like. The children will read explanation texts and write their own based on The Great Fire of London as well as acting in role as a detective for the London Times to help write a Newspaper Report on the Great Fire!  In Art, children will experiment with colour and create a collage based on a scene from The Great Fire of London.  How exciting!



At the start of the term we will look at poetry, in particular, ‘The Great fire of London ‘by Paul Perro.  Children will look at patterns on the page and have a go at writing their own fire poem.  As well as this, children will look at explanation texts and newspaper reports and write their own based on the events of The Great Fire of London.  By using Samuel Pepys as inspiration children will tea stain paper and write a diary entry, retelling an imagined experience of The Great Fire in the first person.  How cool does that sound?




Children will begin the term with ‘Multiplication and Division’ where children will learn strategies to help solve problems, including their times tables and division facts! As the term progresses, we will look at ‘Measures.’ Children will choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height and mass using rulers and scales.  They will compare and order length / mass and record results using < > and = signs. 


Learning Opportunities

During this topic, children will be using the Internet and the school learning lab to research facts and information all about The Great Fire of London.  We will try create a 3D model of Pudding Lane and set it alight! As well as this, children will try to create a collage of the scene of The Great Fire of London using tissue paper and a range of materials. In Music, children will be using musical instruments to play the song ‘London’s burning.’  Children will also be looking at London from the 17th Century to today to see how it has changed and make links looking at buildings, etc.

How can you help?

You could carry out your own research into what happened in 1666 in the Great Fire of London using the local library or the internet.  You could even pay a visit to the monument on Fish Street Hill in the city of London if the opportunity arises!  Also, helping your child learn their times tables and division facts (2’s, 3’s, 5’s & 10’s) at home would be a huge help as we will begin mini tests during Maths sessions to help develop their knowledge. Just encourage them to log onto TTRS!


As well as this, please continue to encourage your child to read their book as much as possible and bring their logs and book back to school signed by Friday the latest so we can track their progress and help children collate as many stickers as they can on their bookmarks.  Also, please continue to encourage your child to complete the homework tasks sent home every week and their spelling tasks.  It really is helping and each child is growing in confidence! As always, thank you! J