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: Reading

We will continue to focus on blending our sounds, including digraphs and trigraphs, to enable us to read words.  Your child’s reading books correspond with their reading level.  They will read with us at school each week, but it is also vital they read at home as much as possible. Reading books are changed on a Wednesday, so please bring these in along with your child’s reading journal (signed) to receive two more books.

We will be focusing on book language, such as ‘title’, ‘author’, ‘illustrator’, ‘fiction’, ‘non-fiction’ and ‘contents page’. Any modelling of this language when reading at home would help to reinforce your child’s learning at school.


Our topics allow the children to develop their understanding of non-fiction texts and how they can be used to find out information.  Some of the reading books coming home will be non-fiction to encourage

: Writing

Some children will continue to focus on writing their name and using the correct letter formation when doing so.  Please support your child by practising this at home.

Some children will be working on writing CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words, while others will be developing their ability to write longer words that include the taught digraphs and trigraphs.  This will be through not only our phonics lessons (where children will work in groups based on their next steps), but also through topic work and quick five minute activities throughout the day.

The children have been exposed to sentence writing through our daily ‘Sentence Doctor’ lessons.  In these pupils see a sentence that is mixed up, with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in the wrong places.  As a group, the children work out what needs to be changed so that the sentence is written correctly. 

Those children that are ready to write in sentences will continue working in small groups with an adult to do so.  Being in small groups enables us to model and discuss the sentence we are writing, ensuring the children have a firm understanding of sentence structure.

We will continue to send Key Words home for children to learn to read and spell.