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Lesson 10

Lesson 10 - Now it’s time to use all the activities you have completed as inspiration and to create your very own piece of work: outlining one change you would make in the world if you had a magic pencil . . .


Remember to make this piece of work your BEST YET so that you can show off all the hard work you have already learnt in schools!


Before you begin the task, you need to come up with your own unique idea for what you would change in the world.


Here are a few basic examples to give you some inspirations.


1. “If I had a magic pencil, I would organize a huge pizza party with lots of other children from around the world so I could get to know them and hear about their lives. I think this would be brilliant because . . .”


2. “If I had a magic pencil, I would create a week every year when no cars are allowed on the roads – only bikes, scooters and skateboards! This would help the environment and be really fun! The reason I’m passionate about the environment is . . .”


3. “If I had a magic pencil, I would make sure ALL children in the whole world were able to go to school so that they could learn and make friends. This would be awesome because . . .”


Best ones will be posted to the Blog and Marvellous Me’s will be added too


I am happy to send feedback/editing back to you if you email me asking for this? 


: )