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Kensuke's Kingdom

Before we went off we were part way through chapter 6 of Kensuke's Kingdom.  I have put all of the chapter on here so you can have another listen and then try to write a response to the following question:


Would you follow Kensuke’s advice and stay out of the water? Why/why not?

08 Ch06 A.mp3

09 Ch06 B.mp3

10 Ch06 C.mp3

11 Ch06 D.mp3

Listen to chapter 7.  The chapter is split into 5 short sections.  Then have a go at the activities below:


How have Kensuke’s feelings towards Michael changed? Why do you think this has happened?


Listen carefully to the description of Kensuke’s cave home.

Draw and label how you imagine it to look.


Draw and label a selection of the objects collected or made by Kensuke.

Kensuke's Kingdom - chapter 7

13 Ch07 B.mp3

14 Ch07 C.mp3

01 Ch07 E.mp3

15 Ch07 D.mp3