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This week we will be looking at habitats.  One of our previous home learning tasks was about the food chain which you may like to revisit before you try this task.


1. Scavanger Hunt


Either in your garden or when you go for a walk outside, have a look at wildlife around you.  How many of each species can you see?  There are checklists below to give you an idea of what to look for.  Don't worry if you can't print these out, just write down the wildlife you see on paper.  How many did you see?  Where did you see them (under a tree, on a leaf, in the sky)?


If you are unable to go outside, think of a place you have been to before.  What wildlife was there?


Extra Challenge


Can you group the wildlife into different groups? For example, if I look outside in my garden, I can see mammals (Cats and Rabbits), insects (flies, ladybirds) and birds (robin, starlings and magpies to name a few)!  How can you show your information?



Activity Sheets

2.  Factfile


This task is to make a factfile on the wildlife that you have found!  You can present it anyway you like and can use the information cards below to guide you.


To give you an example, these are some questions that you can answer:

- What is it called?

- What does it look like?

- Where can you find it?

- What does it eat? OR What is it eaten by?!

- What group does it belong to (insect or bird for example)?

- Where does it belong in the food chain.


I really look forward to seeing these!