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Groovy Greeks


This half term the children will learn about Ancient Greece. They will use different sources to research the lives of the Ancient Greeks including the Olympic Games, the Battle of Marathon, religious beliefs and the city states of Athens and Sparta. They will also learn about the ways the Ancient Greeks have influenced our lives today.


The children will learn to make notes and collect information. They will present their research in a variety of ways, including reports and information leaflets. The children will also explore Greek myths and create their own hero and mythological beast. Using this, they will write their own Greek myth stories.


The children will learn how to convert between units of measure for mass, capacity and length and solve measure problems. They will calculate area, perimeter and volume. The children will revise 2D and 3D shapes and drawing and measuring angles. They will learn how to find missing angles. They will continue to practice applying their understanding through problem solving.


Learning opportunities:

In history, the children will research life in Ancient Greece using a range of sources. The children will consider the impact of the Ancient Greek civilization on our own society today. In art, the children will create their own pottery based on Ancient Greek designs.  Towards the end of the topic, the children will take part in their own Ancient Greek Day. 

Our Science topic this half term is all about the circulatory system, the function of the heart, lungs and blood and how to stay healthy. In computing, the children will learn how to create an online survey and analyse the results.

How to help at home?

Continue using previous websites and revision books to practice for the SAT’s. 

To help with research on the Greeks, take a look at these websites:

Horrible Histories - Greek Thinkers Song

Why are we here? The Greeks thought of this, and more.