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Green Fingers

What are we learning about?


During this 7 week unit we will be learning how to be great gardeners. We will use our plant skills to grow a selection of flowers and plants. We will be working with Year 1 and Year 5 to create a garden, and hopefully grow our own food and plants which we can then eat and sell!




We begin by reading and studying the Power of Reading book, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. We will then look at books by two well-known authors – Dick King-Smith and Roald Dahl.  Letter writing is our non-fiction focus. 



Our first topic continues to develop multiplication and division skills.

Children still need to focus on practicing their times tables!

We then revisit measuring and data handling, before continuing with fractions. Developing general number skills completes this term’s focused work.

Learning Opportunities


The emphasis in this topic is very much on plants - how they grow, their function and how they survive. We will also be linking this with Geography and DT, looking at where food comes from and how we can prepare meals using what we have grown.

We will also be linking this to compiling databases in Computing and measurement and statistics in Maths.


At the end of the project, there will be an agricultural show (with Year 1) where the children will be selling the things they have made.

How you can help at home 

You could try growing things at home and talking to the children about how it happens, keeping a diary of this. They could help prepare fruits and vegetables as part of a meal. Talk to the children about where the food comes from –‘air miles’ – and where we can get locally sourced food!



Field to Fork - Episode 1 "Where does food come from?"

Short animations aimed at educating a primary audience about local food. Created by the young people of Worth Valley Young Farmers as ITV Fixers.

How do plants grow?