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Monday 18th May 

Our focus this week is on fractions.  To get ourselves thinking about fractions and to warm our brains up, I would like you to have a go at creating your own fraction wall!  There are a few examples below and you may remember how we coloured in our wall in class so this is not the first time we have completed this task.


Be creative!  You can simply draw it out (add colour if you like) or make it out of objects at home.  The person in the photo below has used lego!  How cool is that?


It would be fantastic to see what you come up with :-)

Tuesday 19th May

I hope yesterday was a great refresher for you and helped to think back to our wonderful work on Fractions earlier in the year.  Today I would like you to look at the below fractions.  How many different ways are you able to represent that fraction?  For example:


 can be shown as but this is only one way of representing it.


How many different ways can you show the following:



Be creative and colourful with this task.  If you want an extra challenge, can you make up your own fractions and show how they are represented?

Wednesday 20th May

Today we would like to build on the previous 2 days work and add a little bit more creativity to our fractions!  Your task is to create your own fractions out of objects from home.  "What do you mean?" I hear you ask! Well, look there anything you can use?  Look at the pictures below:



You do not have to use food but if you do, make sure you ask your parents first!  Don't forget to show us what you have managed to do!

Thursday 21st May

Guess what?  We are almost at the end of another week!! Even though it is not summer yet, the weather has been amazing.  For today's lesson, there is a worksheet below which is themed around summer and fractions...what a combination!  You have to write out a word sentence for the first part but then let your creativity run wild for the second part and draw your own summer themed pictures for each question.  Make it big and colourful and don't forget to send it in!

Be careful not to peek at Page 2 because it contains the answers...

Friday 22nd May

It's Friday!! As it is the last day before half term, I though it would be fun to create a fantastic fractions poster!  Imagine you are showing it to an alien who has no idea about fractions.  What kind of things would you include?  It could be anything you already know, you could use writing or pictures, anything that stands out and is really colourful!  There are a few examples below: