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Food Chains

Food Chains


This week we will be looking at food chains.  We have all spent a lot of time at home and looking outside of the window over the last few weeks.  Nature has started to bounce back whilst we have been inside and it's a good chance, especially as it's Spring, to take a look outside.


Have a think about what food chains take place outside.  It could be in your garden, whilst on a daily walk or simply look out of a window.  Or you can think about a different kind of environment.


There are two videos below to guide you.  Think about the key terms such as producer, consumer and predator.  What do they mean? Draw a poster, create a factfile or simply find another way to present your food chain.  There is a game below if you want an additional challenge.




If I look outside my window, I can see the following (although not at the same time!):


Plants, Bird Seed, Worms, Birds, Rabbits, Cats, Fox.


How might this look on a food chain?  

Food Chains | Biology - Life Lessons