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Now let's switch our ENGLISH brains on!


Happy Thursday Skylarks! During our English lesson today, we will be writing our EGYPTIAN POEM!


 Below I have explained the task I would like you to complete.


Today's Task


Today I would like you to write your poem using the template I have added below! 


Use your plan from yesterday to help guide and support you whilst writing it.

Perhaps you could look back at the poems we looked at from Monday to refresh your memory! :)


Remember your rhyming couplets need to be placed at the end of your lines to make it a rhyming poem. For example...


The Egyptian sail along the River Nile,

As they float by the children laugh and smile.

Their lives depend on this important river,

The choppy ice cold water makes you shiver.


Can you see how my rhyming words are at the end of the sentences and I have also alternated between using comma and fullstops.smiley