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English Task


Happy Monday Swifts!


Today's a really exciting start to our English learning journey because we are looking at a new text...



I absolutely LOVE this book as it ties in nicely with our new topic...SPACE!


Today's session will be based on making a prediction of the text from reading a few pages of the text.

Follow the video link below of me reading the text to you and stopping at the page ready for you to make your prediction of what you think happens next...


For this session you'll need:

* A pencil

* The worksheet (provided below)


I'll post a video of me reading the whole book tomorrow so you can see if your prediction was right!

This will be up on tomorrow's page!


*If you were in School on the 4th January, you would've had a go at this task. So, try and write a completely different prediction this time - challenge yourself that way! smiley

I'll be available to contact through our class email -

So please do contact me for advice or if you simply want to share what your child has done! smiley