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Guided Reading

We will be looking at these two texts in Guided Reading. We will use these to develop our fluency skills. We will also be practicing the following skills: 

  • Prediction - What might happen next and why. We are starting to link these predictions to other texts we have read. 
  • Inference - How a character might feel at key points and why. 
  • Retrieval - Picking information out of the text to help us answer a question. 
  • Forming our own opinions about what we have read. 


We will also be enjoying our class read, The Wizard of Oz, every day. Ask us lots of questions about what has happened. This will help our fluency! 




In Writing lessons, we have been recapping the non - negotiables for our writing, such as capital letters, full stops and punctuation. 


However, now we are moving on to some of the Year 3 objectives we didn't manage to cover last year, such as using the determiner a/an correctly and using the present perfect tense (I have walked a long way). 


In order to do this, we have written a setting description about a hurricane and we are about to start writing a diary entry from the perspective of one of our characters.