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Little Red



We will begin our English journey with the text 'Little Red' by Bethan Woollvin. This fun adaptation puts a modern twist on the original story of Little Red Riding Hood. 


In Guided Reading we will be:

  • Developing our love of reading by reading this text,
  • Predicting what will happen next,
  • Comparing similarities between this book and the original text,
  • Text marking and picking out key language,
  • Sequencing events,
  • Inferring how a character is feeling.


In English we will be:

  • Focusing on capital letters and full stops,
  • Using the conjunction 'and'
  • Punctuating sentences using ? and !


We will then apply these skills to a short writing outcome weekly, for example, a setting description of a Forest, a character description on Little Red and creating a wanted poster for the Wolf.


In addition to these sessions we will be learning our daily phonics, spelling rules and handwriting.