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Now let's switch our ENGLISH brains on!


Welcome to day 2 of home learning Skylarks! During our English lesson today, we will be beginning to create our leaflet about the life of an Ancient Egyptian!


You will have 2 days to complete this so please don’t rush as this will be tomorrows English task as well. 😊



Today's Task


Below I have attached the template of a leaflet for you to use! It is broken down into sections to help you show the different parts of your leaflet.


Use your plan from yesterday to refer to and remind yourself of what heading you would like and what pictures you will include. You might also want to draw some lines on the template to show your pride.


Don’t forget to make your title stand out and your design eye catching, you might want to add some colour to be able to do this.


Don't forget to show me your work, I can't wait to see!


Purple Mash Option...


If you have access to a computer you can comeplete this task on Purple Mash! :) This way you can save your work and complete it tomorrow as we will writing this leaflet over 2 days. :)