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Now let's switch our ENGLISH brains on!



Welcome to the first home learning English lesson of the week Skylarks! During our English lesson today, we will be looking at the daily life of an Ancient Egyptian! Today we are going to be learning about what their life was like in Ancient Egypt!  


Below is an explanation of the task I would like you to complete.


Today's Task


Today I would first like you to read the pages below! If you click on each page it will enlarge the image for you.

They contain lots of facts which will teach you all about life in Ancient Egypt!


Once you have done that I would like you to plan a leaflet to tell me all about facts you have learnt and teach me about the Egyptian life!

Think about the heading and sub-headings you would like to include and what pictures you would like on your leaflet to make it eye catching. Finally think about what topics you would like to talk about in your leaflet.laugh

Purple Mash Option...


Skylarks you choose to either complete your plan on paper or on PURPLE MASH!

I have set it as a 'to do' for you on the website and this way I can see your work straight away.laugh