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Easter Activity

Hey Skylarks! :)


The Easter holidays have arrived and I hope you all enjoy the time spent with family! :) Over the holidays I have some ideas for you... it's totally optional but I thought they would be some really lovely activities for all of us to do... including ME! :)

Idea 1:

A Gratitude Journal!


It is like a diary that you keep about what you are grateful for each day. You could do it as a family or with your siblings or make an individual one! :)


I have included some examples below of what they could look like... but this is totally up to you, your own personal project! :) Here are some ideas to get your thinking...

  • Creating a scrap book.
  • Using a notebook.
  • Typing it on a laptop or computer.
  • Use a printed template.
  • Using photos and pictures.


If you would like to use a template I have attached a variety below for you to choose. :)


This can be a fun project to work on with your family and focus on positivity during these strange times. When we come back to school we can all share them with each other! I cant wait to see what you all create... please email me your progress over the holidays, use our class email,


Idea 2:

Mindfulness Drawing!


Another great way to unwind and relax is to have a go at some mindfulness drawing.  It's not about the outcome, it's about the process, so even if you think art isn't your 'thing', give it a go!

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♡ Subscribe + tap the bell for more videos: ♡ Support Sea Lemon on Patreon: Let's chill out and make some art...

Idea 3: 

Set yourself a challenge to learn something new!


Why not take the chance to try out something new or something you've not done in a long time?  Make it something creative or something you find fun to do.


Could you:

  • learn to juggle
  • pick up that recorder or guitar you've not played in a long time (if you have one!)
  • Bake
  • Do stretches (carefully) every day until you can do the splits!
  • Learn a new language
  • Paint a picture
  • Sew
  • The possibilities are endless!  Good luck.  Have fun and send us some photos of you doing your challenge!


I am going to have a go at painting, which is something I not done in a long while!  Here's the evidence!  Who can guess what I might paint?  I will post another picture when it's finished!