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So the Easter holidays have arrived and whilst things may be rather different this year, we hope you will still enjoy spending time with your families and find some activities to do which will help you unwind and relax.

You have all worked SUPER hard this term and deserve a break, so we won't be posting curriculum based work for a while.  However, we do know that some of you may welcome some ideas of how to keep busy during this unusual Easter break so why not have a go at some of the ideas below?

Don't forget there are also lots of ideas on the Home Learning page too.


Idea 1:  A Time Capsule


You are living through history right now!  Why not document what's going on; how you are feeling; what your family are doing and how your community is helping.  There are so many things going on which are unique to these times:

  • rainbows appearing in people's windows.
  • people clapping outside their homes at 8pm on a Thursday to show their appreciation to the NHS and key workers.
  • Having to queue 2 metres apart at the shop.
  • New words:  self-isolating, social-distancing...

Below is an idea of a Time Capsule Booklet, but you could just as easily make your own!


Idea 2:  Set yourself a challenge to learn something new!


Why not take the chance to try out something new or something you've not done in a long time?  Make it something creative or something you find fun to do.


Could you:

  • learn to juggle
  • pick up that recorder or guitar you've not played in a long time (if you have one!)
  • bake
  • Do stretches (carefully) every day until you can do the splits!
  • Learn a new language
  • Paint a picture
  • Sew
  • The possibilities are endless!  Good luck.  Have fun and send us some photos of you doing your challenge!


Mrs Adams is having a go at knitting, which is something she's not done in a long while!  Here's the evidence!  Eventually it should look like a whale!  We'll post another picture when it's finished!

And here's the finished result!...

Idea 3:  A gratitude journal

  • This is like a diary which you keep to show all the things you are grateful for.  It is a great way of keeping positive during these rather strange times!
  • You could create one of these on your own or with other members of your family.
  • You could create this in a scrapbook, in a spare notebook you may have, on the computer as a blog or a document, or use some of the attached print outs if you have access to a printer (this is NOT essential)
  • You can include photos, pictures whatever you like.
  • It would be great to share some of these after Easter!


Idea 4:  Mindfulness drawing

Another great way to unwind and relax is to have a go at some mindfulness drawing.  It's not about the outcome, it's about the process, so even if you think art isn't your 'thing', give it a go!



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