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Day Two - 24th March


Read chapter two... in this chapter Johnny takes care of Kaspar while the Countess attends her opera rehearsals.  As Johnny does such a good job at making Kaspar happy, the Countess invites him to attend her show on the opening night. Johnny experiences what life is like for the upper class. However, his life comes crashing down the very next day when the Countess has an accident.


List emotive words that tell you how Johnny is feeling. Think about the start of the chapter where he'd be feeling happy, helpful and content. Then compare this to the end of the chapter. What words can you come up? Choose three and explain why he would be feeling this. 


For example,

'I think Johnny is feeling overjoyed when she Countess invites him to the Opera. This is because he's never been shown any kindness like this before. He feels cared for and loved!'