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P.E. Task


Today's physical task is... on co-ordination! 


Today your P.E. task is to practice your throwing and coordination skills! Your task will help you to do this!



What do I need for my lesson?


For your lesson today you will need the following:


A bucket, hoop or anything that you can throw a ball or other object into.

Three balls, toys or anything you can practice your throwing skills with.



What do I need to do in my lesson?


Today we will be practising our throwing and co-ordination skills by throwing our three objects into a bucket, hoop or area that is set at a distance from us! For this task there are lots of ways to challenge yourself for example:


You may want to change your distance from the area you are throwing into.

You may want to change the size of the area you are trying to throw your object into.

You can change which hand you throw with.

You may want to wear a blindfold to see if you can do it without looking.


However you want to challenge yourself is fine! Be as creative as you can and be sure to let me know how you get on! smiley