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Bitterne Manor Preschool Consultation

The School has been approached by Bitterne Manor Preschool with a proposal to merge the two entities.  This was initially driven by difficulty in recruiting a preschool management committee, but this has been superseded by the benefits of improving outcomes for the children.  


This is not a new provision, rather a change of organisational structure, governance and pedagogical philosophy.
Between 24th January 2019 and 15th February 2019 the Governing Body of Bitterne Manor Primary School (“the School”) carried out a public consultation on the proposal to (a) change the status of the School from community to foundation with a trust (Reach Co-operative Trust); (b) to change the age range of the School from 4 – 11 to 3 – 11; and (c) to create a foundation stage unit through the transfer of Bitterne Manor Pre School to the School.
Below you will find documents relevant to the proposed merger.