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Autumn Term 2


Foundation Subjects


As well as focusing on the core subject areas we will be looking at key foundation subjects. The focus will be on the skills part of the subject. Here's what we will be focusing on this half term...



Children will focus on:

  • Using pencils to sketch Tudor houses.
  • Sketching a portrait on Samuel Pepys.



Children will focus on:

  • Creating a timeline of the events of 'The Great Fire of London.'
  • Exploring the life of Samuel Pepys.
  • Creating a fact file on Samuel Pepys.
  • Writing a diary in role as Samuel Pepys.



Children will focus on:

  • Observing living things and their habitats. 
  • Describing what animals need to eat / food chains.
  • Working scientifically.



Children will focus on:

  • Advent and the theme of looking forward.



Children will focus on:

  • Games and co-ordination.



Children will focus on:

  • Safe relationships.
  • Families and friendships.
  • Respecting ourselves and others.



Children will focus on:

  • Using the internet safely.