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Get Creative!

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud...



Spreading happiness and positivity is incredibly important! An activity to put your creativity to good use is to create an image of a rainbow and place it in your window for everyone to see. It could be the reason someone smiles that day :)


It can be as small or as large as you like. Think about what colours you might find in a rainbow and how you are going to create it... pencils, pens, paint, paper. You might want to add a message to it as well! 


There are some examples below to help you with ideas. Please take a picture and send in any you create to our class email address:



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Marvellous Musicians!



One our favourite lessons of the week was our music lesson! The most memorable part of this lesson for me was how fantastic you all were at learning songs with sign language. So I thought we could continue with this by learning a brand new song! Below is link to a well know song...'This is me!', it has the music and models all the actions to the sign language. 


I thought it would be an upbeat and positive song to learn, plus I know EVERYBODY knows the words! :) Have a go... maybe we could even make our own class music video???


Once you have practiced and would like to share, ask someone to film you and email it to I can't wait to see it!


Keep smiling! :)

Sensational Sign Language!



I hope you all enjoyed learning the last song in sign language! I have discovered a new song which I know you will all in enjoy... A Thousand Years! :) It is such a beautiful song which I'm sure you will all enjoy singing along to! 


Don't forget to send in videos of the last song! :)


Keep smiling! :)

A Thousand Years // Christina Perri

I was inspired to do this video after I had a request to teach this down near London over the weekend. The group performed this so beautifully, and we even m...