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Get Creative!

Spring 2 Half Term!

March - April 2020

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud...



Spreading happiness and positivity is incredibly important! An activity to put your creativity to good use is to create an image of a rainbow and place it in your window for everyone to see. It could be the reason someone smiles that day :)


It can be as small or as large as you like. Think about what colours you might find in a rainbow and how you are going to create it... pencils, pens, paint, paper. You might want to add a message to it as well! 


There are some examples below to help you with ideas. Please take a picture and send in any you create to our class email address:



Marvellous Musicians!



One our favourite lessons of the week was our music lesson! The most memorable part of this lesson for me was how fantastic you all were at learning songs with sign language. So I thought we could continue with this by learning a brand new song! Below is link to a well know song...'This is me!', it has the music and models all the actions to the sign language. 


I thought it would be an upbeat and positive song to learn, plus I know EVERYBODY knows the words! :) Have a go... maybe we could even make our own class music video???


Once you have practiced and would like to share, ask someone to film you and email it to I can't wait to see it!


Keep smiling! :)

Sensational Sign Language!



I hope you all enjoyed learning the last song in sign language! I have discovered a new song which I know you will all in enjoy... A Thousand Years! :) It is such a beautiful song which I'm sure you will all enjoy singing along to! 


Don't forget to send in videos of the last song! :)


Keep smiling! :)

A Thousand Years // Christina Perri

I was inspired to do this video after I had a request to teach this down near London over the weekend. The group performed this so beautifully, and we even m...

Summer 1 Half Term

April - May 2020

Great Gardening!



Skylarks I have an exciting activity for you all and involves entering into a COMPETITION!

The Chelsea Physic Garden has set up a competition called Plot on a Plate! It involves making your very own miniature garden on a plate. Scroll down to find out more! :)

Information from the website:


We want you to use your creativity and make a garden or mini landscape on a plate.

The diminutive contest is open to everyone;  professional gardeners, budding amateurs and kids alike. Use whatever you like, your garden could be living or lollipops could be trees and matches could be a fence just let your imagination run wild.


Winners will receive  an annual pass to the Garden and hampers of *gardening goodies from Candide.


  •  You can use any plate but maximum plate dimensions 35cm diameter x 6cm depth.
  • Digital entries can be submitted on Instagram (chelsea_physic_garden) or Twitter (ChelsPhysicGdn) by including the hashtag. Follow the Garden and use the hashtag #plotonaplate and the category you wish to enter. Alternatively  email your entry to 
  • The decision of the three judges will be final.
  • The competition is open to all. You can enter as many times as you like!


All Entries should be photographed/submitted by 18th May 2020.

Below are some examples I found online of people who have already entered into the competition!

Let your imagination run wild! :)

Cave Paintings!



A fun and exciting creative task that you could try which is linked to our topic is cave painting! This is one thing that the Stone Age is very well known for! There are some examples below to get your imagination flowing and here are some features for you to consider:

  • Cave paintings were often simple and bold.
  • They often used colours such as black and brown, they would use natural elements to make their paint.
  • They would often draw images of animals and hunters.


What will your cave painting be of? I can not wait to see! :)

Milk Bottle Mammoth!



Hey Skylarks! :) This week I have a new fun and exciting activity for you all! You need to keep your plastic milk bottles though! :)


One of the most well known animals from the Stone age was a woolly mammoth! This week you get to create your very own one from a plastic milk bottle! How cool is that?


You need to cut the top half of a milk bottle off... ask an adult to help you. :) You then use glue and coloured paper to cover the plastic to make it look like a mammoth! Finally you need to add the eyes and tusks to finish it off! I have added some examples below for you to take a look at...


Keep smiling! :)

Stone Age House!



This weeks task is definitely a fun one! I would like you to create your own Stone Age House!


How you do this is up to you. You could draw it, paint it or even MAKE it! I have added some pictures below as examples... you could try and use as many natural resources as possible. Maybe use stones for the walls? Or sticks for the roof? Let your imagination run wild!


Have fun and keep smiling! :)

Mental Health Awareness Week!



This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2020! 

The topic chosen for this year is kindness, something we can all agree is pretty important in life, right now in particular. Kindness helps bring us together and can act as the glue that binds our communities. By helping one another see this and encouraging it, we will create a happier, more compassionate world for all of us in the future.


It’s time to celebrate how powerful our kindness is. Each day I will add an activity that promotes KINDNESS!


Have fun and keep smiling! :)

Summer 2 Half Term!

June - July 2020

Pretty Pointillism!



Hey! Welcome to our new topic of GREEN FINGERS! I have lots of exciting and creative tasks lined up for you! :)


This week's activity is looking at a technique called POINTILLISM! Can you guess what that might be? Think about the word POINT... it is pictures made up of lots of little dots! The mixture of incredible colours can produce some beautiful pieces of work!


I would like you to create your own pointillism picture of a flower! Maybe you could draw some from your garden or copy one of the examples below! I can't wait to see what you produce! :)


Nature Printing!



Hey Skylarks! I hope you enjoyed last weeks task! It looked like you had a lot of fun creating your polka dot pictures! :)


This week we are going to be creating art using NATURE! :) You can use anything you like... flowers, leaves, stems!


First collect your materials and once you have done this then choose the colour paints you would like to use. Paint onto your flowers and leaves with as many different colours as you like. Once you have covered your item in paint press the flower or leaf down on to your paper to create a beautiful print!


Have fun creating bright and colourful pictures and patterns! :)

Natural Art!



This week is your opportunity to get outside and start collecting natural objects to make your very own natural picture!


Artists such as Andy Goldsworthy have used natural resources to create beautiful patterns and pictures with a range of colours that reflect the seasons. 


Use the below images as your inspiration and put your creative talents to good use! :)