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Around the World

What are we learning about?  

In this topic children will learn all about the world around them. We will go on a local area walk around the school and the surrounding areas, learning about the human and physical features of the area.  We will make comparisons between similar areas and will be street detectives, giving others clues as to where our street is.  Through literacy we will be exploring letter writing as well as story writing. In art children will be creating prints, similar to those used in Ghana and India. We will also be learning about the Christian story of Christmas and journeys, both our own and those from religious events.  



At the start of the unit we will be receiving a letter from Barnaby Bear from his holiday location to find out more about where we are. We will write letters back to him to tell him more about Southampton. As well as this we will write recounts of our local area walk, remembering to write in the past tense and in order. We will finish the term by looking at the story ‘The Journey Home’ and will write our own version, changing characters that we might meet along the way.



Children will begin the term with subtraction, understanding the symbol and what it means.  We will think about language associated with it and move on to solving problems. We will then move onto position and direction, understanding ‘half-turn, quarter-turn, in front, behind’ we will use the beebots to help us with this. As well as this, we will learn about time, including telling the time to half past the hour.  We will also learn the days of the week and months of the year. 



Learning opportunities 

During this topic children will be learning all about the seasons of the year, focusing on the position of the sun and gathering weather information for a week to see what happens.

We will also learn more about our local area, using the terms physical and human features. We will also learn to look at maps, understanding what symbols mean and how to find features.

We will experiment with print, using a range of materials to help us to create a repeating pattern.

In music, we will be learning to respond to music in a range of ways and understand the terms, ‘timbre and tempo’



How can you help? 

You could carry out your own research about the world around us and our local area using the local library or the internet. You may also wish to look at ordinance survey maps of our area and find the school, river and railway.   


As well as this, please continue to encourage your child to read their book daily and bring their logs and book back to school signed by Friday at the latest so we can track their progress and help children collate as many stickers as they can on their bookmarks.  Also, please continue to encourage your child to complete the homework tasks sent home every week and their spelling sheets.  It really is helping your child learn to be the best they can!


As always, thank you for support J