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Additional Learning Opportunities

Foundation Subjects


As well as focusing on the core subject areas we will be looking at key foundation subjects. The focus will be on the skills part of the subject. Here's what we will be focusing on...


Summer Term


  • We will be looking at rocks and grouping them based on their physical properties as well as looking at how fossils are formed.



  • Researching and learning about historical settlements, looking at how the land has changed over time.



  • Learning about the Stone Age, comparing how different life was back then compared to how we live our lives today and ordering events over a period of time.



  • Using a range of materials and techniques to create our own cave paintings.



  • Continuing to practice our typing skills by using Purple Mash as well as stating to look at animation.



  • Using cricket to practicing our throwing and hitting skills as well as working and playing as a team.



  • Learning about the festival Holi which is celebrated in Hinduism and the concept of fire.



  • We will be learning about how we can keep safe in our local environment and unfamiliar places.


Autumn Term

Art / D&T:

Children will focus on:

  • Using pencils to sketch and design their very own Moving Monster
  • Creating a Moving Monster by using a pneumatic system. 



Children will focus on:

  • Understand and explain the weather patterns and conditions in the UK.
  • Explore similarities and differences between the weather in the UK and Gambia in Africa.



Children will focus on:

  • Applying our scientific investigation skills to carry out an experiment on what plants need to grow.
  • observe and record changes throughout our investigation on our plants.
  • Summarise the results from our experiment, communicating our findings through images and explanations.