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These activities are the same ones you all started on in class! 

As you read your books at home, see how many different activities you can tick off.  Email me a copy or photo of your work and I will share them on here and/or on the blog.  There was some outstanding work produced at school so I look forward to seeing what you can do at home!


1.  Write a letter from yourself to a character in your book.


2.  Write a letter to the author of your book – you could say what

you like or dislike about the book, or give ideas for what else
you would like included in the book.

3.  Have a go at drawing a map of one of the places in the story.
See how much you can include and how much detail you can


4.  Re-tell an event from the story from another characters point of
view. For example, if Jenny is visiting a haunted castle with her
wimpy brother Joe, can you change it from Jenny’s point of view
to Joe’s?

5.  Imagine you could interview a character in your story – what
would you ask them? What would their replies be? Write your
interview with your character. Set it out so you use 2 different
colours for your questions and your character’s answers.


6.  Change the story (or part of it) into a comic strip.

7.  Draw a picture of a character from the story. Make sure you use
all the detail that the book gives you.


8.  Design a new blurb for the back cover of the book. You can use
colours and pictures as well as writing.


9.  Redesign the front cover of the book.


10.  Design a poster to advertise your book. Think about it’s unique
selling points – e.g. what is good about it.


11.  Make a list of as many adjectives as you can from a chapter in
the book.


12.  Make a dictionary containing 10 or more difficult words from
your book.


13.  Make up a test for your book for another child to do with 10 or
more questions.


14.  Using speech bubbles and pictures of the characters, draw a
conversation between two characters from the story.