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A day in the life of... Miss Jones!

A day in the life of Miss Jones! :)


During this time of uncertainty, I  want all of my Jays to know that I miss you a lot! I also thought that while I am asking you to keep me updated with what you are doing, I felt it was only fair I also do the same. Each day I will be doing a diary entry of how I have feeling and what I have been up to! Don't forget you can write back to me using the email address I look forward to hearing from you smiley



Each day I will be updating what I have been up to and will share with you my thoughts and funny moments just as I would if we were still at school! :)


Monday 23rd March -

 Today was strange, when the clock struck 8:45am and I could see an empty playground. I felt nervous and missed seeing all of my lovely and smiley Jays faces. I spent the first part of the morning looking after the children that were still in school. Break time was lovely outside with the beautiful sunshine despite it being so quiet! I spent a lot of my day thinking about what you guys were up to and how you were spending your day! I also spent some time practicing how to post some things onto the website.. that was very fun (and stressful)!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Tuesday 24th March - 

 This morning was a funny one. Knowing I wasn't waking up to set up a classroom ready for my Jays. However, I was feeling super positive! The sun was shining and it automatically put a huge smile on my face.. This weather led me to think how wonderful our trip to Fairthorne was and what it would have been like if we were lucky enough to have such sunshine! Although, it would be a lot less messy and fun! :) I have been missing my routine a little bit today so I think tomorrow I will set myself a strict one that is similar to our day at school...


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Wednesday 25th March -

I woke up feeling A LOT more positive today. I was also very excited as today is Miss Sangha's birthday. The first thing I did was to message her a happy birthday! I promised myself I would stick to my routine today so that I could have a sense of normality... I woke up to have my breakfast and went straight to work! I spent some time resourcing some nice activities for you guys and playing around with our class page to give you some things to crack on with. Missing my Jays a lot today but hoping that you are all enjoying this sun shine and are staying safe! 


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Thursday 26th March -

How lovely was it waking up again to this sunshine this morning? I woke up SUPER early today, almost the time I would to go to school! I promised myself I would keep busy though so I got up and put my washing on straight away so it could go outside! I am missing you guys lots today, it is hard to adjust to not seeing your bright smiley faces, having our giggles and morning cuddles at the minute.. However, I hope you guys are keeping busy and enjoying this beautiful weather we are having (before it disappears). I went for a lovely walk yesterday which was definitely needed. I am back in school tomorrow which I think will be nice, will  be nice to get back into routine. Although, I am sure it will be very strange without seeing you there and not setting our classroom up for a day of Jays learning..


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Friday 27th March -

Today I woke up feeling super excited! I got to leave my house and go into school! It was so lovely to be able to come into school and see Miss Sangha, Mrs Egerton, Miss Bradley and Mrs Meddings! It made me feel a lot more positive and was nice to have some company. I had a busy day at school though, reading through the amazing work you guys have been doing, blogging and resourcing ready for the children who will be in school on Monday! How lucky are we to still have this fantastic weather too! We thought it would be lovely to show you a picture of us altogether at school.... but don't worry!  We kept our 2 meters distance!




Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Saturday 28th March -

Happy Saturday Jays! Well, that is week one of no school finished. I woke up wondering if my Jays miss me as much as I miss them.. It is hard still not knowing when we will be back together and back in our team, however, we must look at the positives! Think of how amazing the weather has been this week and that we are lucky enough for me to be able to write daily and provide you with some activities and tasks. I love seeing all of your work being sent in and hearing from you.. It is also lovely to hear that some of you are still finding ways to speak to your friends. I know I still speak to Miss Sangha every day (bet you won't believe that Jays)

! I have had a lazy day today, lots of lounging around and watching things on telly! I think we all deserve it, don't you? I miss you lots Jays!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart 



Sunday 29th March -

Hi Jays! Managed to have a little bit of a lay in today which was a nice treat! I decided to keep busy today as if I didn't then I know I would be reflecting on having another week in my house! So I got up and spring cleaned my lounge and my bathroom. Safe to say it kept me busy for a little while... However, one week down means one week close to seeing your lovely faces again! I think I will chill for the rest of the day and enjoy my nice clean and tidy lounge! :)


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Monday 30th March -

Happy Monday Jays! Hope you are all feeling positive today! With it being our second Monday apart I am feeling quite reflective but also making sure I am reflecting on the positive things too! I have had a busy day doing my washing and tidying the rest of the rooms I didn't do yesterday but I can now chill out on the sofa, watching telly and doing some work. Fingers crossed this week flies by and then it is a week closer to normality!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Tuesday 31st March -

Week 2, day 2 complete! Well done Jays we are one day closer to being back at school! :) I have been blown away by the amount of fantastic work I have been sent today - definitely a big smile on my face! I managed to venture out to the shop today and it took me 20 minutes to get inside as I had to wait as they let one person in at a time. It was nice to get out of the house though. I have decided that I will make sure to go for a long walk tomorrow and get some exercise in! I hope we are all still smiling and shining like the stars that we are!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Wednesday 1st April -

We did it Jays! Half way through week 2 of no school! I am feeling super positive today and woke up with a big smile on my face! I have been busy replying to all of the fantastic and amazing updates on all of the work you guys have been getting up to! Although it does make me miss you guys! I miss our class discussions where we all have a giggle together, I miss singing about everything with Miss Spiers and most of all I miss seeing all of your super smiley faces every day! I am now off for my walk and hoping that the sun stays out for me! I hope you guys are all keeping up with your exercise and are enjoying your work! 


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Thursday 2nd April -

Good afternoon to my AMAZING Jays! I have to say that today I am definitely missing some normality and routine. I have found it hard to stay motivated today but I am doing my best to stay positive! Thinking how far we have come already is definitely helping... Mostly your emails and updates are keeping me positive! I absolutely love being able to see what you are up to and it definitely puts a smile on my face! I am hoping that the weather stays amazing for tomorrow so I can get into the garden and enjoy some sun! Fingers crossed guys! I hope we are all still smiling.. missing you all rather a lot! :)


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Friday 3rd April -

Hi Jays! Today was a good day! I felt super positive and I am ready to spend a couple of weeks resting over the Easter holidays! I am still going for my daily walks and enjoying my daily exercise! Make sure that you guys have a rest over Easter too! Hopefully it won't be long until we can all be reunited! Missing you guys so much!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Monday 20th April -

Welcome back Jays! I had such a fab day today because... I went to school! How excited was I to be back to school? I got to see Mrs Rathore, Mrs Mayo AND Miss Schofield! We had a great day playing outside, watching a film and we were even able to plant some potatoes and sunflowers! As excited as I was to be going to school, I found it very strange knowing that once again our beautiful classroom would stay empty - no giggling voices, no smiley faces.. Fingers crossed we can all be reunited soon guys!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Tuesday 21st April -

Good afternoon Jays! Or should I say everyone?! Yesterday I had a lovely email explaining how it is not just Jays reading my diary! How fantastic is that? An email from a special family managed to put an amazingly big smile on my face! It also made me realise how much I miss just being at school in general, I miss the countless cuddles from everyone as I walk down the corridor, listening to your fantastic voices in singing assembly and being in a school full of people with so much love and kindness! To keep myself positive I spent some time in the garden today! Working on my tan and doing some exercise! I even had a surprise visit from Miss Sangha today! Of course she stood two meters away from my front door but it was so lovely to see her anyway! I hope you are all keeping positive and keeping contact with your friends in anyway you can!


Until tomorrow Jays! :)heart



Wednesday 22nd April -

Hey everyone! How are we feeling today? I had a super productive day today so I am feeling really positive! (Think the sunshine definitely helps!) I have received so many fantastic emails today! I absolutely love seeing all of the work you are getting up to. It was even nicer to open them whilst I was in the garden! I created a little home office in my garden and it is so cute! I am missing you guys a lot today but the emails make it a little bit easier! I have even managed to keep up my exercise routine every day! And... believe it or not guys I am actually not eating that much chocolate! Yay go me! :) I hope we are all keeping positive and keeping those amazingly bright smiles!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart


Thursday 23rd April -

Hi guys! How are we all today? I hope you enjoyed some of that beautiful sunshine today.. I know it definitely put me in a positive mood! I had a trip to B&M today to get some bits I needed for my garden and some essentials for the house... well, can't you tell it's payday! You know me guys, normally very sensible with my spending habits but lets just say my bedroom is definitely looking different! Woops! Atleast I managed to get some bits to keep me busy in the garden.. I find it so therapeutic! I will update you tomorrow on the progress! Missing all of your smiley faces!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Friday 24th April -

Happy Friday everyone! Although a Friday isn't the same recently is it? I hope we are all well - I am really missing you guys today. I am feeling a little emotional but trying my best to stay positive! The fantastic pictures and emails from you guys is definitely helping with that! I spent some time in the garden (obviously) and spent some time cleaning the house and doing some washing - BORING! However, I am hoping that lots of emails and work from you guys next week will help bring back the flow of positivity! I hope we all have a fab weekend and I will speak to you again on Monday! :)


Until Monday Jays! :) heart 



Monday 27th April -

Hey guys! Happy Monday. I hope we all had a fab weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine. I had a super weekend and am definitely going into this week feeling A LOT more positive! I had a lovely day Saturday and was able to facetime my Grandad! He was super happy to see me and asked about all of you! He could tell how much I miss seeing you all! He managed to put a big smile of my face and it cheered me right up! I know we will have an amazing week guys - we just need to keep up this amazingly upbeat and positive attitude we have! We've got this guys!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Tuesday 28th April -

Gooooood morning everyone! I hope we are all well and feeling positive today! Where has the sun shine gone? Although, I guess rainy days call for lazy days! Right? Well that has been what I've done today! I made myself comfortable on the sofa with a cup of tea, a packet of biscuits and my laptop! Perfect chill day that was definitely needed! After so much lovely sunshine it can be nice to have a little bit of rain! I managed to clean my house too as I wasn't able to spend all day in the garden! :) I am super excited to be going to school tomorrow! It will be so exciting to leave the house and even to get dressed! (Yes, I have been living in pyjamas!)


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart




Wednesday 29th April -

Hey guys! I have had a super day at school today! It was so amazing to get out of the house and see some smiley faces! As much as I love coming into school, it makes me realise how much I miss you guys! Our classroom looks so empty and it definitely needs some fantastic Jays to brighten it up again! Hopefully it won't be long until we are all back together and reunited! Keep sending me the fantastic work you're doing! Make sure you thank your parents too! I know that I am forever grateful for how amazing your parents are, the support and motivation they are giving all of us is incredible! Give them a big hug from me! I miss you all so much!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart


Thursday 30th April -

Hello! How are we all feeling today? I hope you are all well! I am missing you all so much today and telling myself to stay positive! I was able to facetime with Miss Sangha today which was really nice as I even left her a little present outside her house. It is so important to show our friends and family we are there for them in this time! It was also nice to take a little walk to hers to leave it outside her door. The sun was shining - it wasn't that warm but a nice day none the less! I just hope it puts a smile on her face! Miss you all like crazy!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Friday 1st May -

Happy 1st of May everyone! How crazy is it that we are in May? I'm sure I blinked and missed April? However, we are another month close to normality and reuniting! A huge thank you to all parents and children who gave feedback on our home learning and an even bigger thank you for all of your support! You have all been FAB and it makes everything so much easier. I am hoping to have a productive weekend and going to try and get into the garden in between the cloudy intervals! Please make sure you all have a lovely weekend! 


Until Monday Jays :) heart



Monday 4th May -

It's Mondayyyy guys! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I was super productive and managed to build a big planter in my garden to fill with beautiful flowers! If anyone has any ideas of what I could fill it with let me know! It has been nice to be busy this weekend and I was even able to build a new bed I brought for my spare room! I have definitely felt like a builder this weekend :) I am hoping for a positive week and can't wait to be back in school on Wednesday. I was feeling a little deflated this morning until I had a call from Miss Sangha who motivated me to get up, work out and clean my house! She is a star! Speaking of stars, please tell me you have all checked out our video for you guys. We miss you so much and want you to know we are SO proud of all of you and we can NOT wait to see you all!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Tuesday 5th May -

Good morning everyone! I hope you have had a good day! I woke up with an awful headache today so was a slow start for me. I even fell back to sleep once I had my breakfast which showed me that it wasn't just a headache. I spent the day with a migraine and so was very cozy on my sofa with my pyjamas, a blanket and Netflix for the majority of the day! It helped that it wasn't very nice outside as it made me feel even more cozy inside! I did have a lovely facetime with my mum though - who obviously made me feel a lot better! I am hoping that I feel better tomorrow I get to see Mr Bedford AND Miss Spiers!! :)


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart



Wednesday 6th May -

Hellooooooooo guys! WOW! What a positive day I have had today! Have you? The sun was shining so brightly so early this morning which put a smile on my face straight away! Then when I got to school I remembered that we had the most children in that we have had yet. Which was amazing because I knew it meant that I would see children I hadn't seen yet! It was so lovely. However, the nicest part of the day was being reunited with Miss Spiers! After not seeing her for 6 weeks it felt amazing to be back together! School was lovely today, because the weather was so nice it meant that we spent the day outside! Drawing, making daisy chains, playing games - I loved it! Being back together, especially with Mr Bedford made us all reflect and think about how much we miss all of you though! Here is a picture of myself and Miss Spiers along with a video we wanted to make for our JOLLY JAYS to show you that we miss you and are thinking of you every day!









We miss you Jays!

Still image for this video

Monday 11th May -

Happy Monday you lovely lot! I hope we all had a lush bank holiday weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! It felt strange waking up to a dull and windy day today, however, I stayed positive as I knew I was heading into school! I made it my mission to clear out our classroom today! Making sure to tidy all the cupboards and throw away anything we won't need when we go back! I got to see lots of staff and children which was amazing! It made me super excited to go back and I even took some time to look through some of your boos, reading your amazing work put a huge smile on my face! Excitingly, I am in school tomorrow too! The dream team (myself, Miss Sangha and Mr Bedford)! Can I tell you a secret? Today I brought Miss Sangha and my mum a present! It is a surprise and they are being delivered to both of their houses! It is so important in these times to keep yourselves, your friends and your family positive and anything I can do to put a smile on someones face is important! I will share some pictures of our day at school for you tomorrow! I am missing you all crazy amounts!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart

Tuesday 12th May -

Goooooood afternoon! How are we all today? I had a FAB day today! I was in school today with Miss Sangha, Mrs Carey and Mr Bedford! I woke up with a huge smile on my face, feeling super positive and ready for the day! Once I got to school, we all decided that we were going to take on the Toilet Roll Challenge today! We did some work in the morning, using laptops and even played the sounds game 'Cross the River' (Mr Adams even gave it a go!). After lunch was when we decided to give the challenge a go, it was so much fun and I am so proud of the result! We had a brilliant day with some fantastic people! It definitely lifted my spirits and made me even more excited for us all to be reunited! Check out the video we made and tell me what you think! If you fancy giving it a go yourself then definitely do and email it to me! I wonder if we can make a class one - all from the comfort of our own homes?! Stay safe Jays, I miss you lots!


Until tomorrow Jays! :) heart


Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th May -

Happy hump day everyone! I hope everyone is feeling happy and positive. Where has the sunshine gone? Anyone seen it? Hopefully it will be back tomorrow, I need to keep up on my tanning game! However, the dull weather meant that I spent the day cleaning as I didn't want to go outside, which is good. My house is now spotless and ready for me to spend some time in the sun now. I must say Jays, I have had a lot of emails today with your absolutely AMAZING poems! I have been completely blown away by the standard of them! You should all be so proud of yourselves and keep them to remember! I can't wait to see you all again soon! I miss you!


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart



Thursday 14th May -

Hello everyone! How are we today? I hope we are all well and safe - we are another week down! As we approach yet another week of uncertainty I just wanted to let you all know how proud I am of every single one of you. You have been so resilient, so positive and so fantastically amazing! I can not put into words how big the smile is on my face everytime I receive an email from you, knowing that you have read my diary and see my posts! I can not wait for us all to be reunited and back together like the team that we are! Keep your amazing pictures and emails coming and most importantly of all... KEEP SMILING! 


Until tomorrow Jays :) heart