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8/06/20 - Jemmy Button lesson 2

English: How can we compare the viewpoints of characters?


Activity 1: Using the story of Jemmy Button from last week, consider the similarities and differences in viewpoint about Jemmy Button unexpectedly visiting London and Charles Darwin travelling to Tierra del Fuego for his research. Record these in the venn diagram below. Think about the separate feelings Jemmy Button and Charles Darwin may have had, as well as feelings that may have been shared.




Activity 2: Plan and write a short story following the same home-away-home sequence as ‘Jemmy Button’. Your story should be told about Charles Darwin and the journey he embarked on.


Think carefully about your audience.  How will you structure your story and how would you like to make your reader feel at different points in the story? What vocabulary, grammar and punctuation techniques will you use to make your reader feel this way? Remember your audience will be a child of your age or younger.

The original story is fairly simple and short, with repetition of the journey over and back.  Could you use this to help you structure your own story?