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6/07/20 - Kensuke's Kingdom - week 4

Chapter 7:

How have Kensuke’s feelings towards Michael changed? Why do you think this has happened?


Listen carefully to the description of Kensuke’s cave home. Draw and label how you imagine it to look.


Draw and label a selection of the objects collected or made by Kensuke.

12 Ch07 A.mp3

13 Ch07 B.mp3

14 Ch07 C.mp3

15 Ch07 D.mp3

01 Ch07 E.mp3

Chapter 8:


Write a character description of Kensuke. Think about:

  • What do we learn about his past in this chapter?
  • What sort of person is he? E.g. Caring, intelligent, lonely. What makes you think this?
  • Why does he not want anyone to find the island?


You could write this as a paragraph or make notes around the picture of Kensuke.

02 Ch08 A.mp3

03 Ch08 B.mp3

04 Ch08 C.mp3

05 Ch08 D.mp3