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4/05/20 - Tuesday - week 1

We have a new book for you to enjoy this week.  It is called Tuesday and is by the same author who wrote Flotsam.  Once again, the book includes virtually no text, so it is up to you to infer and deduce what is going on!  Another mystery to solve!



Tuesday by David Wiesner

Watch and enjoy!

Lesson 1:

This is a short one!

Watch the film again and make a note of the characters who see the frogs flying. 

What are their reactions?  Do they all react in the same way?

Lesson 2:


Choose a character from the story who witnesses the flying frogs.  This might be:

  • one of the pigeons
  • the man eating his sandwich 
  • the cat peering through the door in the old lady’s living room
  • the dog


 What did they see? What would their reaction have been? How would they have described what they saw? What would they have thought was going on? 

Note down your ideas. 

You might like to draw a picture of the character and write around this or just write a list, it's up to you!

Lessons 3 and 4:


As it is a bank holiday on Friday we are not going to be setting any work that day as school would normally be shut, so you have 2 days for the following task:


Write about what happened on Tuesday night from the point of view of the character you chose yesterday.

  • This could be a letter to a friend or a diary entry.
  • Remember that both of these text types will be informal and written in the 1st person. 
  • Include lots of feelings and reactions from your character.
  • You might like to think about then publishing it in a creative way.

We'll look forward to reading the end results.