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30/3/20 - Flotsam - week 1



Over the next few weeks (either side of the Easter break) we are going to be setting work on a book called 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner.  It is a book we have used with Year 6 before.  Like 'The Arrival', which we looked at earlier in the year, this book has no text, so if you have younger brothers or sisters who want to share this book with you (and even have a go at the activities we set) then that would be perfect!


Start by watching the film of the book below.  Look carefully at the images.

What is flotsam?  How does this link to the story?  What can you infer about the boy's thoughts and feelings at different stages of the story?



Flotsam By David Wiesner

While collecting Flotsam - anything floating that has been washed ashore - a young boy stumbles across a barnacle-encrusted underwater camera, with its own s...

Task 1

  • Write a description of one of the images the boy sees in the photographs.  (1min 23sec - 2min 3sec)

(Check out our Art page for a creative idea to go with this work)