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30/03/20 - Calendars and timetables (Updated 3/04/20)

NEW - Challenge!

enlightened  Can you work out how old you are in:

  • years and months
  • just in months
  • In weeks
  • In days
  • In minutes
  • In seconds?

Obviously the last few will be approximate measures - unless you happen to know the EXACT time you were born!



enlightened  Can you draw up a timetable for your day or week at home? 


  • Learning time : subjects - English, Maths, Science, Art, PE etc
  • Down time:  Lego time, playing XBox, TV time, Board games
  • Break and meal times


Now can you work out how many hours you spend doing each type of activity? 

Could you work this out in minutes?

Super challenge - how about in seconds?


How can you use your knuckles to help you remember the number of days in each month?  Do you know any other ways of remembering these facts?

Check out the web link below for some ideas:


Now try some of the activities below to put these to the test...