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29/06/20 - Kensuke's Kingdom - week 3

Chapter 5 


What do you know about Kensuke from this chapter? What do you think you know?

What questions do you have? 


Write a diary from the point of view of Kensuke about Michael’s arrival on his island.

How does he feel about Michael being there?

Why does he not want to be friends?

Why does he not want him to light a fire?


04 Ch05 A.mp3

05 Ch05 B.mp3

06 Ch05 C.mp3

07 Ch05 D.mp3

Chapter 6


How does Michael feel towards Kensuke? What evidence is there for this?

Would you follow Kensuke’s advice and stay out of the water? Why/why not?

08 Ch06 A.mp3

09 Ch06 B.mp3

10 Ch06 C.mp3

11 Ch06 D.mp3