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27/04/20 - Flotsam - week 3

Flotsam - week 3


This week we are going to work towards writing a sequel (what comes next); a prequel (what happened before) or a new part to the story. Today we would like you just to PLAN out your idea.

Think about:

  • where in the world the camera could have been.
  • what it took pictures of.
  • who found it.

Jot down your ideas and gather words and phrases to describe the people/creatures and places. Think back to how we do this in class to boost our vocabulary choices.

.....Don't get carried away and write the whole thing yet!

Lesson 2:


Today, we would like you to:

  • Sequence the events in your story.
  • You could do this as an ‘s’ map or a flow chart, it's up to you. 
  • Try to add some detail, maybe some of the vocabulary you plan to use or adverbials to link the parts of your story.

Lesson 3:


Time to get drafting!


You have today and tomorrow to write your story.  We would suggest you break it down into 2 parts like we would at school rather than try and write it all in one go!  Aim for maybe 1 or 2 paragraphs today.

Think about:

  • Your punctuation!
  • Your sentence openers (See ISPACE cards below)
  • Using adverbials to link parts of your story/paragraphs and ensure cohesion.
  • Use varied and adventurous vocabulary.

And lastly, don't forget to think about your reader - make your story interesting and exciting to read!




Lesson 4:  Continue drafting (and aim to finish!)


Today:  Make sure you start by re-reading what you have written already.  With fresh eyes, now is a good time to edit and improve what you wrote yesterday!  Don't forget to use the ISPACE cards to help you vary your openers.

When you are ready, USE YOUR PLAN, and continue with your story.  You should aim to complete it today if possible.


The ending

  • Think about the impact on your reader. 
  • How are you going to leave the story? 
  • Will the camera be washed up somewhere new? 
  • Will it be picked up by the next 'finder'. 
  • Will it get stuck/lost/buried somewhere?
  • If you chose a prequel, will you leave your story at the point that Flotsam begins?


We will look forward to reading the end results!

Lesson 5:  Publishing


Now it's time to present your story in an interesting way.

This could be an illustrated story (maybe you could present it as a book), a comic strip or storyboard. You could even make this into an audiobook or a film to share if you are feeling adventurous!


Have fun, be creative and we'll look forward to seeing the final results.