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23/03/20 - Oktopodi

Week beginning 23/03/20

Story Challenge!

Watch Oktapodi on The Literacy Shed Website:


Story Ideas you could choose from:


  • Retell the narrative as it appears, using rich description and vivid imagery. 
  • Write an alternative ending to the story, starting from the chase.
  • Write a story with a flashback, perhaps the octopus wakes up in the truck and a flash back takes place remembering the tank.


You will need to think about:

  • Who you are writing as.  Are you the delivery/truck driver, the octopus who was snatched from the tank or the octopus chasing the truck?
  • Build tension, make it exciting - Show me, don't tell me!
  • If you include dialogue, check your punctuation!


Email us your work: - We'll look forward to reading it!

24/03/20 - Need more ideas?... Inspired by our octopus story?

Why not watch the attached videos all about octopus and try one of the following:

  • a non-chronological report about octopus.
  • a fact file/ poster about octopus.
  • a mockumentary written in the 'voice' of Steve Backshall or David Attenborough all about octopus....or another animal of your choice.
  • an octopus shape poem!

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