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22/06/20 - Kensuke's Kingdom - week 2

Chapter 3



Listen out for the places Michael & his family visit. Find these on a map.

What do you think were the high points of the trip so far for Michael? What were the low points?


Write a postcard from Michael to Eddie describing some of his adventures so far.


08 Ch03 A.mp3

09 Ch03 B.mp3

10 Ch03 C.mp3

11 Ch03 D.mp3

Chapter 4


Write an email from Michael’s parents to his Gran explaining that Michael is missing. Tell her:

  • How and when you discovered he was gone
  • What you think happened
  • What you did/are doing to try & find him




Listen out for descriptions of the island. Draw a map of the island based on these. Label the different parts of the island. You could also add pictures of the plants & animals mentioned in the text.


12 Ch04 A.mp3

13 Ch04 B.mp3

14 Ch04 C.mp3

15 Ch04 D.mp3

01 Ch04 E.mp3

02 Ch04 F.mp3

03 Ch04 G.mp3