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18/05/20 - Tuesday - week 3

At the end of the story we see the police exploring the ‘crime scene’.

Imagine you are a reporter or journalist & create a newspaper report or TV news bulletin about the events.


Lesson 1:  Plan your report.

Think about:

  • The 5 ws of the story (who, what, where, when, why - use what you are told in the story or make up the facts!)
  • Opinions you could include e.g. an eye witness, the police. What do they have to say about what happened?
  • Language you would use to describe the scene.
  • A headline

Remember:  You are just planning today, NOT writing the whole thing!


Lessons 2 and 3:


  1. Draft your report if you are writing a newspaper.
  2. If you are writing a news broadcast, write a script.
  3. You could include the newsreader and a reporter who is at the scene or interviewing a witness.


Lessons 4 and 5:


  • Present your newspaper report or news bulletin (you could even film it!).