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This lesson recaps what you have already found out about Darwin and gives you more information about his studies:


Now have a read about what Darwin discovered about Finches on the Galapagos Islands:





Battle of the beaks - a game which will represent Darwin’s finches. (Fun for all the family!)


  • Each person needs a different piece of equipment which will represent a range of different bird’s beaks e.g. bulldog clip, tweezers, clothes pegs etc.
  • Then you must find some different items of food to have a go picking up with your variety of ‘beaks’ e.g. seeds, frozen peas, sweetcorn, berries, pieces of pasta (to represent insects!) etc.
  • Once you’ve set up, start a timer of sixty seconds and see how many items of food your ‘beak’ can pick up and place on a plate (and no, you cannot count the items that you dropped!). Whoever has the most has ‘survived and thrived’.
  • Discuss which ‘beak’ was the most successful at picking up the food and why that might be.


Or you can do this investigation on your own:


Now, can you work out which bird lived on which island?  You will need your best detective skills here!