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13/07/20 - Kensuke's Kingdom - week 5

Chapter 9


In this chapter, Kensuke and Michael both face a dilemmas: Should Kensuke help Michael try to get off the island?

Should Michael betray Kensuke and try to be rescued?


Draw thought bubbles around the characters and write what they are thinking.  








06 Ch09 A.mp3

07 Ch09 B.mp3

08 Ch09 C.mp3

09 Ch09 D.mp3

Chapter 10


What are Kensuke’s reasons for staying on the island?

What are the 3 promises he makes Michael make?

What are his reasons for these?

10 Ch10 A.mp3

11 Ch10 B.mp3

12 Ch10 C.mp3

13 Ch10 D.mp3

14 Ch10 E.mp3