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11/05/20 - Substituting shapes for numbers

This week we are going to be introducing you to algebra!

Today's work starts with replacing a number in a calculation with a shape.  Use the key to help you to solve the questions below:


Now have a go at the following problem.  This time you will have to work out what the numbers the shapes are representing.  You may need a bit of resilience to solve this one.

Where could you start?
What can you tell from the first multiplication with three purple squares and a yellow semi-circle?
Perhaps you can use what you now know to help you with another calculation?
How will you remember what you have tried and what you have found out? 

Good luck!


Lesson 2:  Similar to yesterday's problem, see if you can solve the problem below:




Now try having a go at these 4 SATs questions.  They all involve replacing shapes with numbers.



Lesson 3:


Another problem for you to solve, but today instead of shapes the numbers have been replaced by letters!  Start with D =6 and work from there.  How many letters of the alphabet can you solve?!  Good Luck!



As this is very small to see, here it is below in a PDF file!

Lesson 4 - Using formulae


Today we are going to look more closely at formulae. 


IMPORTANT!  When we are recording multiplication we do NOT put the x sign, we just put the number we are timesing by before the letter.  So for example:

If a = 4 and I want to say I have got 5 lots of a, I would write 5a NOT 5xa 


Have a go at the questions below:



Now try these:




And finally these...(There's quite a lot here today so you might want to keep some for tomorrow!  We will only be posting a few sats questions tomorrow!)

Lesson 5:

Now see if you can have a go at these SATs questions: