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1/06/20 - Jemmy Button

For the next couple of weeks we would like you to do some work based on the book 'Jemmy Button - The Boy that Darwin returned home'

To begin with listen to the story....


Still image for this video

 How can we infer how a character feels?



Activity 1: Re-watch the video recording of the story of ‘Jemmy Button’. Using this, record some ideas about how you think Jemmy felt moving to England? How was it similar/different to his home? How would you have felt being uprooted and moved to the other side of the world? Do you think he wanted to go? Why? Why not?


Activity 2: We would like you to write a diary entry from Jemmy’s point of view about how he feels at different points in the story. You may choose either option 1, option 2, or option 3. Consider how the author has used repetition. You may wish to include this style within your own work. Think about how you might convey how Jemmy is feeling through your vocabulary choices, perhaps you might refer to his senses too. Find ways to describe the location he is in to the reader.


Option 1: Write about life in Tierra del Fuego before Jemmy gets on the boat to England. Think about how you will use sentence structures and vocabulary to convey how he feels about his home.


Option 2: The second entry should be written as he arrives in London and how out of place he feels. You should show the difference between how he feels in London compared to being at home through your choice of language and sentence structures.


Option 3: The third diary entry should be written once Jemmy returns home; you should think about what has stayed the same and what has changed for Jemmy since he has returned home. Think about how his experiences in London will have shaped or changed how he views things.


Extension: Choose another option and write a second diary entry. Consider how you will show a change in Jemmy’s thoughts and feelings. Think carefully about your choice of vocabulary, the structure of your diary entry and use of grammar to help you achieve this effectively.